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   Recycling plants are of varying types. We deal in pelletizers and related ancillaries. Pelletizers / Granulators consist of 3 major components.

   The first and the most important component is the screw and barrel of the machine. The srew can be of varying types depending on the material you would like to process. Band heaters are attached to the barrel. Depending on the length of the barrel the number of heatings zone can vary from 6 / 8 / or more. A thermocouple is attached to each heater to accurately sense the barrel temperature. The thermocouple sends signals to the temperature controller which switches the heater on and off, thus maintaining the barrel temperature at the deisred level.

   The second most important component is the control panel which houses the temperature controllers, contactors, switches, etc. It asissts the operator is setting the correct parameters for compounding the polymer being processed.

   The third and final important component is the gear box that rotates the screw inside the barrel pushing the material forward out the die attached at the head of the barrel. The gear box is attached to a motor which provides the power to the extruder.

   The material is fed into the hopper and is pushed out by the screw through the die fitted at the front of the barrel. The die contains a set of 6 to 8 holes which splits the molten material into thin strings. These strings are allowed to fall into a water tank placed at the mouth of the barrel. The polymer strings on touching the water, cool and harden. These strings are then routed under water till the end of the tank. At the end of the water tank a cutter is placed which feeds of this continuous supply of polymer string being purged by the extruder and pelletizes these strings into granules. The granules collect in an empty tank placed at the mouth of the cutter from where they can be weighed and adequately packed.

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