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      Hopper Loaders are used for filling the machine hopper with the required raw material without human intervention. Hopper loaders work on the priniciple of vaccum. The hopper loader consists of a vaccum pump, receiver vessel and an inlet for the tube. One end of the tube is connected to the receiving vessel which generally fits on top of the hopper and the other end of the tube is connected to the source of the raw material (which could be an open gunny bag containing the material, a master tank containing the raw material, etc) .

      The hopper loaders depending on their make come with inbuilt timers for activating the vaccum pump. Depending on the shot weight,cycle time and the capacity of the hopper on which the hopper loader is fitted, the operator has to set the time on the hopper loader. At that designated time the hopper loader is activated and stays active for a set amount of time thus filling up the hopper with the material. This not only reduces cost of manpower but also prevents spillage and raw material losses.

      Typically, when multiple machines are running a standard product that use the same raw material and colour, manufacturers attach hopper loaders to all their machine hoppers and connect them to a master tank containing the raw material and required master batch. Periodically the hopper loader sucks the raw material from the master tank thus simplifying the task of loading all the machines with same material.

   Specifications of our range of Hopper Loaders are as follows:

Conveying Capacity
Conveying Height
50 Kg/hr
4 meters
0.5 HP
27 Kg
100 Kg/hr
5 meters
1.5 HP
40 Kg
200 Kg/hr
6 meters
2.0 HP
45 Kg

Product Specifications may change without notice.