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   Blow moulding is the process used to manufacture narrow mouthed containers like bottles, jars, jerry cans, etc. The process involves the feeding of the machine hopper with blowing grade raw material after which the machine heats the raw material to the point where it reaches molten state. The homogenization is done with a reciprocating screw which allows the molten plastic to collect at the head of the barrel and then using hydraulic pressure pushes the molten plastic out to form a parison.

   Once the parison is formed the mould which consists of 2 cavities ( as opposed to a punch and a cavity in the injection moulding process ) closes. Air, using an air compressor is introduced into the parison to blow it into the form of the mould. Cold water is then circulated in the mould block to cool and solidify the finished product inside. The mould then opens for article ejection. Before the article is ejected, the parison is cut with a blade on top and the operator removes the article from the mould. Finishing is however required to cut the excess parison from below the article.

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