Plastic HeadQuarters. Your one stop shop plastic junction. Used mould for sale from India and all over the world. Used and new plastic processing and ancillary machines. Reprocessed plastic of varying grades. Trained manpower for the plastic industry.




   In our continuing mission to encourage use of Recycled Plastic and making the industry as GREEN and cost effective as possible we source reprocessed raw materials for our clients from all over the world.


   Through our extensive supplier network we source all kinds of polymers ( pelletized / waste ) of varying grades for our clients. Below are some samples of materials sourced by us. If you have any specific requirements please feel free to contact us at .


   We also import reprocessed raw materials. If you would like us to post your waste / pelletized materials on this page please send us an indicative image, along with details like quantity available, closest port, price, packing, and any technical details ( if available) like Melt Flow Index, grade, etc.


   Recycled polymers are being extensively used throughout the world in the following areas :

> Household Products ( Tool Boxes / Storage Racks / Mop Pails / Drums ,etc. )

> Industrial Products   ( Thread Cones / Car Bumpers ,etc. )

> Travel Luggage Industry

> Plastic Furniture Industry

> Hair Care and Comb Industry


   Not sure whether your product is Reprocessed Material Friendly ? Drop us a line at and we will get back to you with a solution.

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