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   As the plastic industry continues to grow worldwide and the competition in the global marketplace heats up, with consumers always demanding new products, the need to innovate and launch new products at regular intervals has become very important for the survival of companies. The industry being plagued with high capital costs and capital being blocked in moulds which are no longer in use due to changing trends, it becomes imperative to find a way to free up this source of capital to make way for new investments.

   Here, offers the solution. Through our website we offer to list your new and used moulds for businessmen worldwide to access and buy. This proves to be a win - win situation for both the parties.

   The buyer gets access to moulds of products that are new and innovative in their markets, a zero waiting period to launch the product, that too at prices substantially lower than the cost of a new mould.

   The seller benefits from freeing up capital blocked up in a mould that is no longer in use due to changing trends in his markets giving him the chance to make fresh investments in new moulds to better adapt to the consumers needs.

   In the pages that follow you will find a list of used moulds that are available for immediate delivery. All moulds are screened on the basis of quality parameters like corrosion check, excessive flashing, etc. before listing on the website.

   As most of our customers have always wanted to adapt their moulds as per their specifications wherever possible we also provide the following value added services to give you a truly one-stop-shop solution for moulds:-
> Surface finishes ( Sand Blasting, Etching, Diamond Polishing, etc )
> Structural changes in the used mould wherever possible
> Marking, Engraving of Logo on the moulds
> Hard - Chrome plating

   Through our tie-ups with leading tool-rooms we also undertake orders for new moulds. Please send us your specific enquiry for new moulds to to enable us to give you our best quote.