Plastic HeadQuarters. Your one stop shop plastic junction. Used plastic moulds for sale from India and all over the world. Plastic processing and ancillary machines. Reprocessed plastic granules of varying grades, colours, additives, masterbatches, etc. Trained manpower for the plastic industry
Plastic HeadQuarters

We are exporters of used plastic moulds,reprocessed plastic granules,etc. offering you a one-stop solution for the plastic industry ranging from used plastic moulds, reprocessed plastic granules, plastic processing machinery(i.e injection moulding machines, blow moulding machines, extrusion lines),plastic ancillary machines (i.e colour mixers, air compressors, cooling towers, etc.), to colour pigments, masterbatches as well as technical manpower.We also undertake contracts for mould design in popular packages like Autocad, SolidEdge, MasterCAM, etc.

Representing the best of the plastic industry in India we compare the best machines in various categories ranking them individually on a variety of parameters like build quality, value for money, salient features, etc. to assisst you in making the right choice, always.

We are stockists of a variety of reprocessed polymers ranging from recycled polypropylene to recycled polyvinylchloride in pellet/granule form.

Bearing in mind the needs of our cutomers, we offer the best techincal expertise in the plastic industry by maintaining a list of candidates trained in the field of plastics to help you power your business with the best talent in the industry.

Used Bucket Moulds
    High Speed Mixers new ancillary machine  
Used Tub, Basin Moulds mould block     Colour Mixers
Plastic Kitchenware     Agglomerators
Stationery item Moulds     Extrusion Lines
Pocket Comb Moulds     Hopper Dryers
Used Industrial Moulds     Hopper Loaders
Used Hanger moulds     Cooling Towers
Used Drum moulds     Chilling Plants
Used Fruit Bowl moulds     Injection Moulding Machines
Used Laundry basket moulds     Grinders  
Used Container moulds     Machine Spares  
Polypropylene reprocessed pp granules     Electricians  
Polypropylene - CP     Injection Moulding Machine Operator  
HM     Blow Moulding Machine Operator  
Polystyrene     Maintenance Engineer  
HI Polystyrene     Production Manager  
ABS     Administration Staff  
Low Density Poly Ethylene (LDPE)     Human Resource Personnel  
High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)     Wiremen  
Colours, Pigments, Masterbatches     Polytech Graduates  
Polypropylene - Clear     Export Managers  
Polypropylene Coloured     Extrusion Line Operators  
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