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   Agglomerators are extensively used in reprocessing plastics. Many a times, the scrap available is film grade scrap. As the scrap is not dense, it makes it imposibble to run it through a compounding machine / pelletizer to be extruded into pellets directly. Therefore, most manufacturers who deal with film grade scrap / any other scrap which is not dense enough to be directly extruded, process that scrap through an agglomerator.

   The agglomerator is fed with the scrap and a little quantity of water is added to it. The agglomerator with the help of its criss - crossed blades and high powered motor heats the material and converts it from film to lumps. The lumps being dense, can then be fed to a compounder / pelletizer for extrusion.

   Agglomerator with the following features available :
   1) Capacities ranging from 25 Kgs per hour to 120 kgs per hour
   2) Single speed and Double speed Motors
   3) Separate control panel
   4) Pneumatic material release opening
   5) Temperature controller for auto cut-off
   6) Exhaust Blower system

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