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   Some polymers being hygroscopic in nature need to be heated to a certain temperature before processing them to allow the moisture to escape and reduce moulding defects. Polymers can be preheated in two methods.

   The first methd is to use an industrial oven. The resin is heated by putting it in trays and placing the trays in an industrial oven which heats them to the set temperature. However, this method is viable only when the batch size is small. Thus, where processing machines requiring large quantitites of preheated raw material continuously are used, industrial ovens become unviable.

   The second method involves the use of a Hopper Dryer. The hopper dryer is attached to a hopper. The dryer consists of three major parts viz. the heater, the blower, the temperature controller. The hopper dryer is a simple device that maintains the temperature inside the hopper to a certain level by blowing hot air in to it. This is a convenient solution for most cases because it does not require loading and unloading of the resin from an ancillary machine. Just load the hopper with the resin, set the temperature on the hopper dryer, and you are through.

   Specifications of our range of Hopper Dryers are as follows:

Model Drying Capacity Size Temperature Controller Blower Load
15 Kg / per batch
780 X 280 mm
0 - 400 degrees celsius
125 w/3 ph
25 Kg / per batch
970 X 350 mm
0 - 400 degrees celsius
185 w/3 ph
50 Kg / per batch
1870 X 430 mm
0 - 400 degrees celsius
375 w/3 ph

Product Specifications may change without notice.